Money Market Funds

CFA Institute Systemic Risk Council Writes in Support of the US SEC Proposed Rules for Money Market Funds

Letter to the US SEC April 15, 2022 Re: Release No. IC–34441; File No. S7–22–21 Dear Members of the Commission: We write in support of the proposed amendments to the Commission’s rules governing money market mutual funds. We believe that the Commission’s plan to increase the daily and weekly minimum liquid asset requirements to 25% […]

Money-Fund Rule Fight Goes to House as Providers Lobby Anew

Publication: Bloomberg Author: Dave Michaels 9/18/2013 —Money-market mutual fund providers and the municipalities and corporations relying on them to manage cash are telling U.S. House lawmakers to be wary of new regulation for the $2.6 trillion industry. The groups are using a House Financial Services panel’s hearing in Washington today to kick off a lobbying campaign against a Securities […]

Systemic Risk Council Letter to SEC About Money Market Fund Reform Proposal

Systemic Risk Council September 16, 2013 Dear Commission: The Systemic Risk Council is writing to recommend that the Commission strengthen its proposed money market fund reforms and put in place a final rule that will fully address the destabilizing risks created by the stable NAV accounting fiction and so-called “penny rounding”. As we have noted […]

Money Fund Lehman Moment Lurks as New Protections Stall

Publication: Bloomberg Author: Dave Michaels and Christopher Condon 9/05/2013 —A year ago, when opposition from the asset-management industry killed her plan to make money-market mutual funds safer, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Schapiro looked to Timothy Geithner, then the Treasury Secretary, to tackle “one of the pieces of unfinished business from the financial crisis.” It […]

Money Funds, Waiting for the Fog to Lift

Publication: New York Times Author: Diana Henriques 4/06/2013 —This is the kind of market that makes cautious investors long for the comfort of cash. Stocks? They seem a little frothy. Bonds? Ugh — low rates, inflation worries. Real estate? Still a hard sell. For decades, investors have waited out financial fogs like these in the haven of money […]

Systemic Risk Council Supports the FSOC’s Efforts to Reform Money Market Funds

Systemic Risk Council January 18, 2013 Dear Financial Stability Oversight Council: The Systemic Risk Council (SRC) is writing to commend and support the FSOC for seeking public comment on proposals to reform money market funds. It has been more than four years of study since taxpayers were forced to guarantee money market funds and the […]

Money Fund Reform Has Top Support

Publication: New York Times Author: Edward Wyatt 11/13/2012 – WASHINGTON — A council of top financial regulators, upset with the Securities and Exchange Commission for failing to strengthen rules governing money market mutual funds since the financial crisis, is trying to force the S.E.C. to adopt stricter regulations. The Financial Stability Oversight Council, a group of 10 regulators that includes the S.E.C. chairwoman, […]