CFA Institute Systemic Risk Council Publishes 2022 Annual Report

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WASHINGTON, D.C.— January 27, 2023 The CFA Institute Systemic Risk Council today released its 2022 Annual Report.

This annual report recaps the activities of the CFA Institute Systemic Risk Council (SRC or the Council) and highlights the key systemic debates and challenges affecting global markets and regulators. Over the past year, global markets have experienced a cacophony of economic challenges not seen in decades. The year began with meager inflation and record low interest rates and equity markets near all-time highs. The prospects for 2022 looked economically enticing. Yet, over the course of just a few short months, the fortunes of a complex global economy were soon buffeting spiking inflation and geopolitical shocks. This annual report recaps a year of tumultuous economic shifts and the prospects for a world economy confronted with challenges not seen since the Great Financial Crisis.

Topics covered in this annual report include:

  • Crypto Regulation: Sounding the Alarm for Regulatory Clarity and Legislative Action
  • Money Market Funds: Systemic Vulnerabilities Persist
  • Climate Change: When Does It Become Systemic?
  • The Ukraine Conflict: Continuing Systemic Implications
  • The Great Inflation Unwind: Potential Breakage