CFA Institute Systemic Risk Council Publishes Fall Newsletter

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WASHINGTON, D.C.— November 7, 2022 The CFA Institute Systemic Risk Council today released its Fall 2022 Newsletter.

Each quarter, we will recap the activities of the CFA Institute Systemic Risk Council (SRC or the Council) and highlight the key systemic debates and challenges affecting global markets and regulators. We find ourselves in unprecedented times both in terms of quantity and frequency of major financial disruptions that test the resiliency of our global financial systems. The private sector Council represents an independent, noncommercial voice on matters of growing and urgent systemic concern. We provide an expert and clear assessment of the readiness of our regulatory institutions to deal with evolving systemic vulnerabilities and advocate for prompt action when improvements in detecting, monitoring, and responsiveness are needed to meet systemic risk threats.

Topics covered in the current newsletter are:

  • EC DG for Financial Stability Weighs in on Global Risk Issues
  • US Regulators: Urgent Need for Crypto Regulatory Action
  • SRC Members Weigh in on Systemic Risk Issues
  • Recent News on Systemic Risk Issues