Sir Paul Tucker Speaks to Global Capital for Its Review of 2018 and Outlook for 2019

On 18 December 2018, Sir Paul Tucker was quoted in a Special Report by Global Capital called “Review of the Year 2018 and Outlook 2019” on US financial regulation.  The Republicans had been driving the changes to Dodd-Frank, but they will now lose control of influential committees in the lower chamber, such as the House Financial Services Committee.  Sir Paul Tucker, chair of the Systemic Risk Council which encourages regulatory reform in the US capital markets, says that this committee has been “in the vanguard of deregulation proposals over the past few years”.  Among his other comments, Sir Paul says, “There is unlikely to be much in the way of legislation on financial services in the US in the next few years, given that the House and Senate are in the hands of rival political parties”.

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